About Us

Art of Mallow is the happy, delicious creation of me….Philippa, a Yorkshire lass of an undisclosed age, married to Steve and a mother of two.

I’m a lover of food and cookery (with a bit of a sweet tooth). I also run (my saving grace). As a child I always liked the pink and white marshmallows in shops and as an adult would regularly receive them as a gift from my children.   But my world of marshmallows became much, much, more exciting when I discovered a passion for handmade marshmallows.

It was just an ordinary evening in 2012, in front of the telly with a cup of tea and a biscuit (McVities dark chocolate digestive).  I was amazed to see a gigantically impressive marshmallow on the screen.  This hand made monster of a mallow was happening in the US.  Why not here?  Why had I never heard about making marshmallows?  I was blown away.

It was the very next day when I got to work in my kitchen.  The kids wondered if I could make a mint flavoured marshmallow…..and so I did!  And then I made more and more flavours and soon we were having a blast trying out all the new concoctions and variations that I could conjure up. Friends, family, neighbours and random people were all asked to try them.  They loved them, and my business was born!


After eighteen months of trading and producing marshmallows at home, the kitchen and most of our house was overwhelmed with marshmallow ingredients and not much else.  And so it was time to move premises….down the garden path and to the garage, which we converted in to the Art of Mallow marshmallow kitchen.  Amongst the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees, our marshmallows were made.  

Due to continued demand and growth, at the end of 2015 Art of Mallow moved its production to larger premises and left behind its humble garden garage beginnings.  We now have a top notch production, packing and distribution facility as well as BRC accreditation.  Sounds impressive, huh?!

Art of Mallow marshmallows are an evolutionary step away from the pink and whites that we are all used to.  They are full of delicious natural flavours including real raspberries, strawberries, lemon juice, Belgian chocolate, madagascan vanilla and natural extracts and are as light and puffy as a wonderful pillow.

Give them a whirl, these are marshmallows like you have never known before! x

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